Vivienne Westwood Man A/W 2015 Collection

God is in the details and for Autumn-Winter 2015 Vivienne Westwood and her partner Andreas Kronthaler presented a great menswear collection true to the Westwood ethos which does challenge conventions about menswear and as always, Vivienne and her very talented team deliver the wild and fantastical with traditional and all created using the most exacting standards.

The influence for the collection is HRH The Prince of Wales. Westwood is a huge fan of Prince Charles and of his leadership in the areas of organic and sustainable farming and climate change. So take a good and hard look at the styles presented and you can see the reason for the season. 

The royalty influence is very apparent in fabric choices from the traditional suitings and for topcoats with gorgeous, saturated colours, all paired with the continuing Westwood influences for casual clothing and footwear.

Note the pound note sneakers above featuring the same Queen Elizabeth II print as used on the clothing. Bet your bottom dollar the triple flaps and tapered toe shape of the shoes you'll see copied by fast fashion and trickle down real soon. 

Also evident  and copied for years is Westwood's continuing influence on men's clothing proportions. Note the cut of casual pants and blazers and the pairing of the two. What one reads as "new" and "innovative" has all trickled down into popular clothing styles and Westwood continues to this day to be a global fashion trendsetter. Style and flavour baby! Style and flavour. 

As always the Vivienne Westwood Man collection includes exquisite knitwear in the form of fine gauge classic knit pullovers to more detailed jacquard, screen prints and textured lace knits. The hand knitters in the crowd will note the ever popular "Frost Flowers" stitch pattern used for a oversize pullover in pale grey shown below.

©Patrick Madden/Signature Yarns.